The Build-a-Buddy program lets you bring to life a variety of adorable fuzzy friends. Our Camp Firefly activities staff are ready to help you create your buddy daily from 10:00-11:00 AM and 5:45-6:30 PM. Prices range from $25-$35, and all buddies include stuffing, a heart of your choice, and a personalized birth certificate.

    Build-a-Buddy Directions:
  1. Head over to Camp Firefly, located in building 2, during one of the select times.
  2. Our Camp Firefly staff members will be ready to help you pick your favorite build-a-buddy.
  3. Next, we will direct you through the stuffing process, including selecting and inserting one of the buddy hearts: love, kindness, courage and best friends.
  4. Once your new buddy is brought to life; a variety of outfits are available for an additional charge - whether you want your new friend to be a princess, a construction worker, or even a super hero – we have it all!
  5. To complete the process, you will get to name your new buddy and receive an official build-a-buddy birth certificate.
  6. Now your new buddy is ready to explore The Resort & The Great Smoky Mountains!