Outdoor Waterpark*

Open March 4th through October 15th October 29th, 2022.

2022 Waterpark Schedule

Adventure Springs

Fun new play area for kids!

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Pirate Ship Playground

Arrrr! Kids ages two to eight can join their mateys aboard The Pirate Ship Playground.

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80 Foot Water Slide

Slide into the best vacation ever with a huge adrenaline rush by embarking on an epic ride down this 80 foot water slide.

250 Foot Lazy River

Relax and take in the Smoky Mountain Sunshine, while floating without effort on the 250 Foot Lazy River, tubes are provided.

Supersized Swimming Pool

The pool area has a large inviting atmosphere with patio furniture spread throughout the area.

Children's Pool with Water Features

A separate pool provides smaller children a wading pool with a mushroom umbrella and a water stick.

Lumberjack Log Roll

Can you make it across without taking a dip in the pool? The lumberjack log roll provides guests a challenging opportunity to test their balance and skill on the log roll.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Let the jets of water message your body as you enjoy the outdoor waterpark and the Smoky Mountains.

*Inclement Weather: If weather forecasts suggest the possibility of inclement weather or air temperatures below 55 degrees our operating hours and operating attractions might be modified. For your safety, during inclement weather the Outdoor Waterpark will close and reopen once conditions improve.